“These headphones compare very favorably to my high end studio models, in many cases better, and they have a conscience. Every little bit helps and there is no sacrifice here. Speaking of no waste – you can check out craigslist for all of my old ones!!! Ha!”
Chris Adler – Three-time Grammy nominated drummer for Lamb of God and record producer. chris-adler.com, lamb-of-god.com

“thinksound makes great sounding headphones. I used them in my studio during the process for recording “For All Kings” and I use them for everyday listening. Good guys who make some great products, check them out!”
Joey Belladonna – Three-time Grammy nominated lead singer for Anthrax
Anthrax, Chief Big Way

"In this flooded marketplace of trendy headphones, it's very refreshing to come across thinksound. They are fashionable in a timeless way and more importantly, designed to meet the needs of professional musicians and audio engineers who are passionate about sound quality, whether for studio mixing or listening enjoyment."
Alex Skolnick – renowned guitarist for Testament and the Alex Skolnick Trio

"Great sound and comfort.  The passive noise isolation and full-range, even sound ensures that I hear my bass, and everything else, perfectly."
Mark Damon – bassist for The Pretty Reckless

Gojira is a progressive metal band formed in 1996 in Bayonne, France. The band is known for their environmentally-themed lyrics, and "have risen from utmost obscurity during the first half of their career to widespread global recognition in the second, including regular mention amongst the genre's leading new millennium upstarts", according to Allmusic. gojira-music.com

"It's a great feeling walking around NYC cranking a new record I just finished on my thinksound headphones! Most heaphones nowadays are super mid scooped so you can't hear what's going on in the music... With these I can actually hear and enjoy the subtleties of the records I love. Sounds great!"
Josh Wilbur – Grammy winning record producer and engineer Follow Josh

Garth Richardson – Grammy-winning producer and music professor
Garth has worked with some great artists including Rage Against the Machine (won grammy), Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ozzy Osbourne, Kiss, Alice Cooper and many others. Check out his school Nimbus School for the Recording arts. nimbusrecording.com

"Love the concept and the sound. The natural quality stands out. I enjoy them."
Cary Christie – CEO of Artison
A personal mentor to thinksound President and CEO Aaron Fournier. Aaron learned many of his trade practices from Cary. Cary is truly an audio genius and has designed some of the best and most respected loudspeakers on the market. artisonusa.com

“The rain has amazing high and low frequency response and plenty of volume. The thinksound rain is an amazing value for high quality sound reproduction for a reasonable price.”
Tom Bones Malone – Musician/Arranger at The Late Show with David Letterman
Tom “Bones” Malone, trombonist, multi-instrumentalist, arranger & producer is among the most experienced professionals in the business. Tom is best known for his work with The Blues Brothers, David Letterman Show and Saturday Night Live. Tom has played on 3,500 television shows, 3,000 radio & television commercials, over 1,000 recordings and thousands of live performances throughout the world. Connect with Tom on Facebook

Too Late the Hero
Portland, Maine's Too Late The Hero have been steadily building a name for themselves since forming in 2003. The band deftly mixes metal with melody in a way that just might inspire you to get off your ass and do something. Download their latest album, "Statement of Purpose" from iTunes.

“…rich, boomy, natural sounding headphones. I love them.”
- John Lamacchia – Musician, CandiriaRising Pulse Records