What makes thinksound products different?
Let's face it, there seems to be a new "audio" company popping up just about every other day. Did you know that most of these companies do not actually employ the services of an audio engineer? They are simply applying their logo on a design that is sold and re-sold from the same factory to numerous other companies. The end result is a market flooded with poor sounding and cheaply made headphones that don't last; leaving a lot of customers unhappy.

thinksound is different. We design our own products. We choose our own high-quality and sustainable materials. We voice each headphone to have a warm and detailed sound signature that we have become known for around the world. We don't just employ audio engineers, we were founded by one of the most respected in the industry. Hear the difference for yourself.

I have seen other wooden headphones on the market without the thinksound name, are they yours?
It is often said that “imitation is the highest form of flattery”. We have been developing our products for the last several years. We took our time to get it right and not rush to market with a sub-par product. While we are flattered by the knock-offs we've seen pop-up recently, we're less than impressed with their quailty, sound, and overall commitment to a greener manufacturing process.

What is the proper care of my headphones?
Your headphones may need to be cleaned from time to time. If wax buildup occurs, remove fitting and wipe the fitting clean. Clean off the earphone gently with a cotton swab.

One side of my headphones sounds quiet and it wasn’t when I purchased it. What can I do?
Headphones have very small and delicate speaker drivers inside them. Sometimes the speaker driver may get moved slightly out of alignment because of air pressure when you insert them.
  • Remove the silicone fitting from the earpiece.
  • Put your mouth near the opening (not around the opening) and blow air into the quiet ear piece.
  • Listen to your headphones to see if the problem has been resolved.
  • Try these steps a few times and if it does not work contact thinksound.
Try the above steps a couple times before calling support or returning your headset. It has been found that almost all customers who think they have a defect actually just need to clean or blow out their earpieces.

How should I store my earphones?
Please do not wrap your earphones around your listening device to avoid strain on the cable and plug. Please store the earphones in the supplied cotton pouch.

There is noise or ‘microphonics’ when the cable rubs or hits something. What can I do?
Please use the supplied cable clip to reduce cable noise, especially during rigorous activity.

The sound doesn't seem right on my headphones. Why?
Please try all of four different sized fittings. The seal of the fitting can cause a large difference in sound quality.

I lost my silicon fittings, where can I get a replacement?
We offer replacement fittings in our online store. You can choose from either black or clear fittings. Please visit store.thinksound.com

What products will you be making in the future?
thinksound plans on making many other audio products in the future. Please check back often to watch us grow.