Our Story

It starts with the sound

thinksound began in 2009 with one mission: help people hear music the way it's meant to be heard. Founder and industry-leading audio engineer, Aaron Fournier, dedicated himself to creating audio products that truly respect the art and craft of music professionals. He wanted every thinksound product to sound amazing, look good, feel comfortable, be priced fairly and produced responsibly.

Not a lot has changed since then. We're still relentless about achieving our mission and you can still count on us to work hard developing new and better ways to bring our signature sound to your ears. "Good enough" just doesn't cut it for us and, honestly, it shouldn't for you either. So the next time you're shopping for personal or home audio, start with the sound.

Loved by critics, customers and musicians

thinksound has received critical acclaim from top industry publications including Head-Fi, Sound + Image, What Hi-Fi, Macworld and more. The bible for audio enthusiasts, Stereophile handed us the Recommended Component Award nine years in a row and Digital Trends, a premier source of news & lifestyle media, awarded thinksound the Editor's Choice numerous times.

Whether you're into pop, rock, metal, jazz, or EDM your favourite artists have probably used our headphones.  With numerous Grammy winning musicians, engineers and producers endorsing thinksound, we're confident that you will too.

Above all, our customers love thinksound. And we can't thank them enough for sharing their positive feedback, reviews and emails with us. It's the thing that gets us up in the morning and keeps us doing what we do best.

thinksound Awards

“There's one thing that can't be denied about these buds, and that's how great they sound. The quality and fidelity makes them worth the price tag."
- Erin Biba, WIRED Magazine

“Hold their own against any other earphone . . . you're not going to find a set of earphones more attractive, or immediately distinctive.”
- John Herrman, Gizmodo

“These headphones compare very favorably to my high end studio models, in many cases better, and they have a conscience.”
Chris Adler – Three-time Grammy nominated drummer and record producer

"About that sound: I found it immediately engaging, with fine resolution of detail, easy highs, clear mids, and a bold, robust bass. Happily, this was not the bloated, overripe bass I heard with the Beats by Dr. Dre headphones.”
- Stephen Mejias, Stereophile

"It's a great feeling walking around NYC cranking a new record I just finished on my thinksound headphones! Most heaphones nowadays are super mid scooped so you can't hear what's going on in the music... With these I can actually hear and enjoy the subtleties of the records I love.”
Josh Wilbur – Grammy-winning record producer and engineer

“Though I'll probably always be attracted to the many varieties of headphones available, I know I need only one and it'll come from thinksound.”
- Stephen Mejias, Stereophile

“A clear yet layered sound that lets you drift off into your own world."
- Jonathan Stewart, Macworld Australia

"This is an insightful pair of headphones, with impressive clarity and detail. They’re rather well balanced, tipping ever so slightly towards a crisp high end."
- What Hi-Fi?

“thinksound makes great sounding headphones. I used them in my studio during the process for recording and I use them for everyday listening. Good guys who make some great products”
Joey Belladonna – Three-time Grammy nominated singer

“The wood earbuds deliver a balanced, natural resonance that is lacking in many headphones for portable audio players.”
- Rik Fairlie, The New York Times