Reviews & Awards

thinksound has received critical acclaim from top industry publications including Head-Fi, Sound + Image, What Hi-Fi, Macworld and more. Stereophile handed thinksound the Recommended Component Award nine years in a row and Digital Trends, a premier source of news & lifestyle media, has awarded us the Editor's Choice numerous times.

Praise for the ov21

“With an excellent build quality, highly comfortable fit, and a detail-rich sound signature, the Thinksound OV21 are a great choice.”  Digital Trends

“Massive soundstage for a closedback headphone . . . The thinksound ov21 is an excellent pair of cans.”  Audiophilian Reviews

“If you’ve been wanting better headphones for music production or enjoyment, these might fit the bill at 1/3rd the cost of other similar models.”  The Gadgeteer

"Rich in tonality, very dynamic sounding with accurate timbre and outstanding imaging. Beefy high quality bass presentation."  Head-Fi

"For $399, this headphone is not just gorgeous to look at, but also produces excellent sizing and scaling overall with regard to bass and imaging." Headfonics

“A full-size headphone that Fournier tuned the hell out of!”  Head-Fi

"The newest headphones are so good it's making my heart ache."  William LaMontagne

"I forgot how full music could sound again…thank you for getting me to re-appreciate the quality sound of music!!!"  Kent Rawlings

"Mindblowing!! Thanks for making such an awesome product."  Carolina

 Praise for the in20

“Very easy to listen to. You could listen to these a long time. Any type of music I throw at these is sounding good.”  Chifi Audio Reviews

“The in20 sounds like a jukebox in your ears. It is as close to that warm musical full bodied sound as you’re gonna get."  Head-Fi

Praise for thinksound

“thinksound makes great sounding headphones. I used them in my studio during the process for recording and I use them for everyday listening. Good guys who make some great products.”  Joey Belladonna, Three-time Grammy nominated singer

"It's a great feeling walking around NYC cranking a new record I just finished on my thinksound headphones . . . I can actually hear and enjoy the subtleties of the records I love.”  Josh Wilbur, Grammy-winning record producer and engineer

“These headphones compare very favorably to my high end studio models, in many cases better, and they have a conscience.”
Chris Adler, Three-time Grammy nominated drummer and record producer